Golden - Owl Parade LP



We are proud to have a new face – Przemysław Golden. After listening to the demo for the first time, we knew that this music was unique, we believed it and loved it. This album combines everything at once – ambient, trip-hop, chillout with a large admixture of electronics, mixing flavors with cello, electric guitar or dynamic drums. “Owl Parade” is the effect of the solo work of Przemysław Adach having  15 years of experience in sound production which resulted in a full range of projects and singles in cooperation with singers, rappers and musicians in the country and beyond. He is active in the Golden Faces duo.

Muzyka / Vokal / Sampling / Mix: Przemysław Golden
Cello: Zuzanna Nierubca
Trombone: Adrian Sroczyński
Crow Sounds: Dominik Kleszko
Mastering: Rafał Skiba | OER
Cover: Karalina Yanushkevich