Piotr Bejnar & Kacper Bogacz
Casual Moments EP

Being friends for more than 10 years Piotr Bejnar & Kacper Bogacz  just started their cooperation and music production together. “Casual Moments” is the first EP they did together and invited friends as Raidho and Kapoor & indygo for the remixes to be released on Piotr’s label Otake. The EP itself focuses on slow tripping sounds which is a new style for both guys.

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3rd official video of Piotr Bejnar ‘Jellyfish”‘ with beautiful vocals from Baasch released on Otake Records from Piotr’s debut album “Album” (OTAKE 011).

4 A.M. EP
incl. Swayzak

AKME keeps being in a good form and is back with a new EP “4 A.M.” This one is the first colorful vinyl in our catalog with 4 strong original tracks and 2 solid remixes from legendary Swayzak and top georgian artist and pal Boyd Schidt.

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Check Otake 017.
VA – Music Solidarity

Poland, Thailand, Germany, Czech Republic, Georgia, Belarus and Russia – first Otake compilation with artists & friends from different countries whose music we love and respect what they do. With this release we want to celebrate friendship, relations within the borders and exchange of different skills and talents.

Piotr Bejnar
Album Remixes
incl. Ada, Frivolous, Kalipo

12 months after the debut album of Piotr Bejnar was released, we achieved gathering 4 remixes from this album. Piotr turned to the artists he most admired and who stated for him as great authorities.

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Release Day 015.
Leo Woelfel – Should Have Known

Feisty Deep House taking inspirations from Chicago to Breaks and Disco by Leo Woelfel – “Should Have Known” EP.

Krissky – I Remember

After 12 months Krissky is coming back with his new EP on Otake Records. Carefully crafted in his studio in Dublin he is proud to present “I Remember” EP. 4 deep and powerful tracks for any dance floor situation.

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Check Otake 013.
AKME – Tranquilizer  LP

Tranquilizer is a kind of music that is created at night. The time when sleep did not bring relief and the clock is standing still. 4 o’clock in the morning is the hour that is heard in every odd beat and the dirt glued to the sounds was always in place.

Piotr Bejnar @ Otake Episodes #1

We are starting with Otake sessions. The first one is a summer chilled & relaxed mix from Piotr Bejnar. It’s his first mix since 3 years. We recorded it with five cameras among our closest friends on a beautiful August Saturday.

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Kalipo on Otake Records

Check Otake 010 release by Kalipo on our label.

The whole EP can be interpreted as a story of a history written on the way. The music reflects various emotions attached to different parts of the specific journey of the author as in the same time he struggles to get into the listeners mind and trying to foretell their emotions.

Check the latest release from Piotr Bejnar

Piotr Bejnar is coming back with a full length album on his own Otake Records. Piotr is a pillar of the Polish scene and has been playing clubs since he was 16. He is a live act who presents a wide spectrum of sound in innovative ways with fresh techniques, and has gone from being locally popular to revered around Europe. He has released on labels like Mo’s Ferry , Open Concept, and Night Drive Music and has been running this label since 2014. Now he really confirms his skills with these new album which promises emotional stories with acclaimed vocalist Krystyna Czubowna, singers Baasch and Weronika Dziedzic, guitarist Kasp and violinist Angelina Nartowska.

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